What We Do


Expert Mountaineering. Unparalleled Footage.

Make Your Vision a Reality…

From corporate video production to adventure travel film making, hotel & resort marketing to video biographies, business branding videos to documentaries, and expedition filmmaking; BBE Productions brings a magic touch to projects across diverse genres.

At BBE, we combine expert mountaineering skills with state-of-art-photography and filming; all while ensuring your absolute safety and convenience. Because of our deep, intimate knowledge of each travel location, we give you a truly personalized service; putting you in touch with your destination's authentic local culture and unique environment.

The BBE Productions Library
Over Two Decades of Photos and Videos…

During our expeditions over the years, we've taken world-class photos and video. This material is kept on file for later publication. Our extensive film and photo library includes spectacular climbing footage from many of the most impressive mountains on earth. This raw footage is held in our library, ready to be processed and converted into short clips and movies that showcase our travels, adventures, and inspiring team experience.

Benegas Brothers Expeditions
Inspiring Journeys Around the Globe…

South America natives and co-owners of Benegas Brothers Expeditions, twin brothers Damian and Willie specialize in leading inspiring travel experiences throughout the Himalayas, Andes, Alaska, Pakistan, Africa, and Europe. While the Benegas Brothers push themselves each and every year to tackle new, rarely visited destinations, BBE guided trips are offered for every skill level; from novice mountaineers to seasoned experts.