Our Staff

Meet the team
Damián Benegas - Director
It was in 2011 that Damian got the chance to guide and film an expedition to the summit of Mt Everest. Since then he hasn't stopped planning his next adventure to uncover the unseen.

Damián Benegas

Nils Bailey - Main Cameraman
Nils grew up in Bariloche, attended film academy in Buenos Aires for two years before teaming up with Damian to produce a still on-going ESPN series. With over 150 episodes aired, Nils filmed as the main cameraman almost all of them. Following Damian has implied going from under the sea to over 20.000 ft, and all the in-betweens.

Nils Bailey

Main Cameraman
Willie Benegas - Adventurer
The other half of the "Benegas Brothers", Willie won't be picking up a camera, but he'll take you anywhere you need to go. 12 Everest summits and much more back up his experience.

Willie Benegas

Bianca Fidani - Artistic Design & Second Camera
Our latest addition to the team, Bianca grew up in and out of the mountains and graduated from audiovisual design. All of the right ingredients!

Bianca Fidani

Artistic Design & Second Camera
Manuel Benito - Editor
About to graduate as an audiovisual designer, Manu is capable of finishing telling our stories from the editing room. He helps us think the ideas and see them through to the end!

Manuel Benito

Alvar Puente - Narrator/Adventurer
Alvar has been since the beginning collaborating in any way he can. Be that going up a mountain, writing creative essays or fixing a tripod!

Alvar Puente

Martin "Cepi" Raffo - Pro Biker
Cepi joins us where he knows there'll be new and original biking lines, when he's not around he's with his Ride SRL enterprise. Also, he's a doctor, very handy to have around!

Martin "Cepi" Raffo

Pro Biker
Iñaki Odriozola - Pro Snowboarder
The youngest in the team, Iñaki is the current national champion in snowboard. Sometimes behind the camera and sometimes in front of it, he's always willing to help however he can!

Iñaki Odriozola

Pro Snowboarder
Pablo Passera - Kayaker/Adventurer
The ideal adventurer. Fully certified in Sea kayaking, and as a trekking guide, ski instructor and patroller. Pablo regularly participates in varied sea kayak expeditions in both rivers, lakes, the Patagonian sea, and has had the opportunity to travel to diverse locations within Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia and also to the Antarctic and Artic.

Pablo Passera

Rafael Ávila - Climber/Adventurer
Our handy Ropegun! Rafa is always available and willing to set up a route, or anything else.

Rafael Ávila