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World-renowned guides and real-life twins, the Benegas Brothers have spent over two decades journeying to the earth's most challenging peaks and stunning destinations. Now, these inspiring brothers use cutting-edge photography and cinematography to give you an up-close peak at nature's most breathtaking secrets.

A World-Class Team You Can Trust

Here, you've found a highly skilled team you can trust. Damian Benegas holds over 5 Everest summits, and is one of only 4 mountaineers worldwide to finish the "Everest Horseshoe" or Triple Crown" traverse connecting Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse. Willie boasts over 20 Himalayan summits – 11 of those on Everest. Together, the brothers add up more than 100 Aconcagua ascents.

Combining world-class mountaineering with state-of-the-art photography and cinematography, the Benegas Brothers give you a unique opportunity to capture the incredible. From the Himalaya to North America, the Alps to the Colombian Andes, to Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia; now's your chance to make your dreams a reality.

A message from

the Benegas Brothers

Whether on water or solid ground, climbing or descending, up mountains, along rivers, down back roads – our journey is constant and inspiring. We believe every place on earth offers opportunities for discovery, and we hope to continue finding hidden treasures to share with the adventure community.

As simple visitors, fleeting, skillful, and hungry for exploration and true enjoyment, we believe in leaving a beautiful and positive mark in a collective memory. Our goal is not to be the only – or the last – people to reach these places, but to inspire adventurers around the world live the same experiences.

Climbing, river and sea kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, skiing, canyoneering; we use diverse ways to visit the incredible natural environment, and our priority is always to protect and honor this amazing planet.

Conveying the energy of our natural surroundings is never easy; however, we believe passionately in telling this story, and allowing our audiences to experience the magic each place has to offer. We hope our desire to venture beyond is contagious, encouraging others to do the same in a safe and responsible way.

We want other eyes to see and live these expeditions. We want you to know that – wherever you are – the adventure is always at your fingertips.